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Meet the parents, your best customer if you can save them time, money, and give their lifestyle a boost. They get their news from social media, think email is too slow, and look to Alexa first for advice on cooking, shopping, vacations, education, and more.

The FamilyTech Summit looks across the industry to identify the best tech solutions for families of all shapes and sizes, from new parents with infants and toddlers to old hats sending their kids off to college. We look at changing values around topics such as screen time, tracking and safety, entertainment, and education. And we put you in the minds of parents interested in running a smart home, whether that means thermostats and lighting, security, paying the bills, or just figuring out how to survive dinner and homework.

We’ll Explore


Nostalgic for the hottest in family technology? Watch 2017 FamilyTechTV.

Blogger Events

Small group of top notch bloggers gives you a chance to get “up close and personal” with your product.

Our Core Goals

Create compelling content and exhibit areas showcasing trends across the entire family tech business

Deliver a vibrant marketplace for networking and doing business together

Act as the megaphone for championing the best of the family industry

Ensure that we’re building not just a trade show, but an enduring community

Inform decisions on standards, safety and future products

Offer boutique consulting services to our exhibitors and sponsors to make sure their products are presented to the best audience, in the best context