Caitlyn Gatrell

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Caitlyn Gatrell
Child Reporter
KidsTech & Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline


12-year old Caitlyn Gatrell – Granddaughter of Dave Graveline, Host of “Into Tomorrow” – is the Host of KidsTech at and will once again be participating this year with [email protected] at the 2013 International CES. She will also be doing interviews for her KidsTech TV reports as well as segments for the various “Into Tomorrow” broadcasts from CES. (This is the 18th year of broadcasting for “Into Tomorrow” from CES). In addition Caitlyn will be posting many Facebook and Twitter updates from the show. Caitlyn loves to check out tech of all kind and let kids, teens and parents know what she thinks. She’s also an awesome big sister looking into new tech for her toddler sister and peers to learn and play with as well. Stop by and let us know what new kids and teen tech you are showing or interested in.