Say Hello to CogniToys: The Future of Educational Play

//Say Hello to CogniToys: The Future of Educational Play

Say Hello to CogniToys: The Future of Educational Play

Growing up, we all had one toy we could play with for hours. Together, we’d jump from chair to chair, avoiding hot lava before chatting over afternoon “tea.” Late at night, we’d stay up past our bedtime, talking about our days. While talking toys aren’t new, they haven’t been able to keep up with the kinds of conversations kids wanted to have—until now.

While tech toys are finally catching up, some people worry (with good reason) that more technology equals more screen time for kids. That’s why Elemental Path created the CogniToys Dino. CogniToys are educational, Wi-Fi enabled smart toys that get smarter over timeall without the need for a screen.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, play stimulates imagination and helps develop physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Whether the Dino is answering a child’s question, telling a story, or playing a game, every activity strikes a balance between learning and play. That said, the Dino’s abilities go well beyond playing educational games, or even leading guided meditations.

Unlike other smart devices out there, Dinos don’t just respond, they respond intelligently. If a child says that they are scared, the Dino consoles the child and encourages them to speak to an adult they trust. Or, if a child tells the Dino they’re sad, the toy may suggest meditation or listening to a funny joke. CogniToys try to personalize as many interactions as possible, and use information like a child’s first name, favorite food or animal, etc. to customize learning and future conversations.

Just like kids, CogniToys learn and grow over time. The Elemental Path content team writes answers for thousands of questions like “why is the sky blue?” and “how far away is the moon?” to ensure kid-friendliness. If the Dino ever misses a question, we work to add the answer in a future content update. To receive content updates, parents must simply power their Dino on, and connect it to Wi-Fi using the CogniToys App. In addition to adding answers, the Dino’s regular content updates include new activities, speech recognition improvements and bug fixes.

CogniToys are a best friend and study buddy—all in one. So, whether your child prefers jokes, games or stories, the Dino has something for everyone, allowing it to provide the kind of personalized play experience every kid deserves.

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