From MommyTech to FamilyTech

Six years ago we created MommyTech to address an absence in the marketplace. Marketers and creators of consumer electronics were ignoring the needs of women, who were predominantly responsible for juggling office, home and kids.

Join Us at CES 2015 As Family Life Takes Center Stage in the Tech Revolution
The Office is Not the Cutting Edge Anymore: 

Maybe they didn’t get the memo? But the home, not the office has become the center of digital innovation. From smart home automation to health beauty, from cooking in the kitchen to travelling with the family, the market for family’s needs is quickly evolving. Join us as we kick off 2015 with a look at technology that’s new, innovative and designed for families.

What You’ll See and Hear About:

  • The Internet of Things: As the Internet of Things moves for a schematic on a page in an engineer’s mind into reality families are the big winners. From finding your car to finding your kids. From connecting to your long lost friend to connecting to the heating system or the front door lock of your home, families are enjoying unprecedented control over all things remote.
  • SmartHome Automation:  Experience the home of future with smart kitchens, smart lighting and temperature control, and smart monitoring.  (You don’t want to be the only dumb thing in your home, do you?)
  • Wearables:  Wrist wear, eyewear and other wearables are beginning to play an important part in family connectivity. Does baby have a fever? Are you feeling stressed?  Need to recharge your phone while it’s in your handbag? Need to stay in touch with a glance at your wrist?  More and more, our tech power comes from what we wear.
  • Managing Family Life:  Is your teenager speeding in the car? Is the neighbor knocking at your door? How long will it take to drive to pick up dinner groceries? What’s the best after school program? In every case, the answer to the question is that technology is supplying new ways to get the answer.
  • Health, Beauty and Wellness: Technologies that promise everything from better sleep to better skin, from better posture to better nutrition.  These innovations are taking over and we’ll look at the results.
  • Kids @ Play:  From tablets to robots, fitness bands to fantasy, the world of kid’s play keeps on evolving. At our conference on January 8th we’ll spend the morning looking at the world through the eyes of a child.
  • MommyTech TV:  Broadcast from the center of the FamilyTech exhibit, this is the place to make your product known the households that go well beyond the gates of CES. We’ll be back with the successful MommyTechTV spearheaded by veteran journalist, Andrea Smith.  Find out how you can join.

2015 International CES
Family Tech Summit


International CES Exhibit:
January 6 –January 9

The Venetian/ Sands Conference Center, Las Vegas

January 7

Venetian, Level 2, Bellini 2006


FamilyTech Summit and MommyTech TV:
Showcase, conference and streaming TV to bring the world of family tech to life at CES

2015 MommyTech TV