Families Come in All Flavors.
Our Favorites are the Connected Ones

Parenting has always been simultaneously the toughest and most rewarding job. At the FamilyTech Summit we look at how technology is changing the shape of family life. On the plus side the technology is closing the generation gap, making it the norm for Grandma and Grandpa to be active contributors to an extended family life. Physical distances like work and school, or business travel all but disappear when a family can connect virtually. And, thanks to technology, family decisions are becoming less hierarchical with family members from tots to teens all having a vote on how life gets parsed. From buying a car, to taking a vacation, it’s pretty common for the gang to chime in using tech.

More than 90 percent of US households now have 3 devices pinging the Internet. The connected smart home lets families create a more sustainable, richer and informed environment than ever before. From your thermostat to your fridge, your vacuum cleaner to your door lock, as the number of connected devices we use grow, they can help insure that the homes of tomorrow will be safer and more efficient than those of today.

On the darker side, our families are being shadowed by our devices, 24/7. Each time we visit a website, make a purchase or talk to each other there are algorithms at work adding our family experience to a vast collection of data.  Parents worry about their kids’ excessive screen time, oversharing information (even toddlers are online an average of 3 hours a day).  Parents lose sleep fretting that the things kids learn in school today do not translate into the jobs of tomorrow. Couch potato families who can have anything done without leaving their seat are a potential health disaster.

Join us as at CES as we look at how technology is shaping the family experience, and how we can work to maximize the benefits. We’ll explore the trends, the new products and the latest research to help you understand and service this large and technologically engaged demographic.