11:00am | Philips

Philips Avent and the uGrow Digital Parenting Platform.

11:45am | WowWee

WowWee's commitment to innovative EDU bots and engaging, fun Tech Toys for children of all ages in 2017.

12:15pm | Perfect Corp.

With over 350 Million downloads globally, Perfect Corporation is dedicated to empowering your beauty journey with our award-winning app YouCam Makeup.

12:30pm | Youngzone Culture (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

The future of children education in relation with AR and how Magneo can support this direction as well which new possibilities opening up by this new tec..

12:45pm | Edwin the Duck – pi lab

Edwin is the world's first Smart Duck; an app-connected learning toy with personality designed to be a helpful companion to both children and parents.

01:00pm | AvatarMind Inc

The iPal robot 1. As companion, educator, and safety monitor for children 2. For elder care and companionship 3. For hospitality/retail

01:15pm | JYRO

JYRO, a new premium adult sports tech brand specializing in electric ride-ons, is revealing its new introductions for 2017 at CES.

01:30pm | The LEGO Group

Coding Leading with fun first The amazing diversity of set designs and functionality

01:45pm | Mota Group, Inc.

Drones are family companions. Anyone can fly the littlest ones for fun. They can capture great memories, too. We’ll talk all that’s new about drones.

02:00pm | TILT

Textiles and augmented reality combine to create magical and immersive storytelling experiences for kids 3-7yrs old.

02:45pm | Square Panda

Square Panda's phonics playset, Square Panda's launch for Android, the importance of combining physical and digital learning experiences