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Creating a safer driving experience for the next generation By Bryson Gardner, co-founder and CEO of Pearl

As a parent, the promise of autonomous vehicles has tremendous appeal because it ultimately means our roads will be safer. Unfortunately, we’re going to have [...]

Designing Tech That Engages Girls (and Boys) — Hint: It’s Not About Pink!

You don’t need to spend much time in a computer science department or a technology company to realize that there’s a gender imbalance. Women are [...]

Stimulating your child’s mind with immersive learning experiences By Mili John Tharakan, Director of Technology, TILT

Augmented reality is quickly becoming a popular way to engage kids and parents alike in shared activities. Augmented reality enables the kind of immersive and [...]

The world has changed, the clothing industry has not. Until now!

The year was 2000 and cell phones, portable music players, laptops, cameras, as well as the cords, chargers and batteries needed to run these items [...]

Security: No Home Left Behind By: Dennis Peng, VP, Product Management at Ooma

According to the FBI, a burglary takes place in the United States about every 18 seconds. That’s nearly 200 per hour, and approximately 4,800 every [...]

It all originated in the company

All originated in the company   Why did we choose to combine child education and modern AR technology? The development of the Internet and mobile [...]

Say Hello to CogniToys: The Future of Educational Play

Growing up, we all had one toy we could play with for hours. Together, we’d jump from chair to chair, avoiding hot lava before chatting [...]

Struggle Is Real

Parents have always played catch-up to their children’s technology use. As a parent of four sons ages 13-21, I feel this struggle more than ever. [...]

5 Hot Tech Gifts that are Cool and Affordable by Maria Bailey

It’s the holiday season again. Time to search for the perfect present and demonstrate your creativity in gift giving. We all have that person in [...]